Số Tiêu đề Tác giả File Lượt xem Mục
4/2003 The digital economy of Korea: driving force behind future growth Shin Hyeon-Am 240 Bài tạp chí
4/2003 Korea's digital politics: new impetus for voter participation Jang Weo-Yeong 316 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Human capital and the female labour market in Korea Namchul Lee 284 Bài tạp chí
33/2003 An Evolutionary analysis of games with pre-play communication Ha Jong Wook 196 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Korea-U.S. trade structure since the 1990s Kim Hong Youl 193 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Strategy to develop Korea's service industry into a growth vehicle Kim Hwiseok 272 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Government tasks to reform Korea's agricultural policy Hwang Su-cheol 270 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Korea-Japan relations and tasks for the ROh Administration Kim Hosup 238 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 EU- North Korea diplomacy and its implications for South Korea Park Chae-Bok 280 Bài tạp chí
4/2003 Religion in contemporary Korea: change and continuity Kim Fungi 205 Bài tạp chí
4/2003 Korea's policy for ethnic Koreans overseas Lee Jeanyoung 302 Bài tạp chí
4/2003 Development of Korea into Northeast Asian financial hub Park Haesik 200 Bài tạp chí
4/2003 Korea's 'informatization' strategy Lew Seok-Jin 277 Bài tạp chí
3/2003 Government size, trade and growth Gieyoung Lim 280 Bài tạp chí
1/2003 Devaluation, investment and factor intensity in two-sector two factor small open economy Youngkul Won 193 Bài tạp chí
1/2003 Tariff protection revisited: implications for strategic import tariff JongMin Lee 204 Bài tạp chí
1/2003 Dynamic trade policy game under imperfect factor mobility Kwan-Ho Kim 184 Bài tạp chí
1/2003 Macro forecasts by use of nonparametric monetary aggregate Hyung-Sik Harris Kim 226 Bài tạp chí
2/2003 Sectoral Effectsd of Favorabel Imported-Input Price Shocks Choi Jang-Jip 211 Bài tạp chí
9/2003 Product Differentiation, Bundling and Market Structure Gwanghoon Lee 220 Bài tạp chí
2/2003 Credible Judiciary and Welfare System Kookshin Ahn 211 Bài tạp chí
2/2003 The Adoption and Diffusion of Service Products Myung Joong Kwon 207 Bài tạp chí
2/2003 Endogenous Spillovers and A Costly Research Joint Venture Jeong-Eon Kim 223 Bài tạp chí
19/2003 Overborrowing and Overinvestment in East Asia: The Case of the Korean Firms Jai-Won Ryou 180 Bài tạp chí
2/2003 The Effects of Exogenous Shocks on a Production Frontier and Technical Efficiency in Korea Mi-Kyung Pai 190 Bài tạp chí