Số Tiêu đề Tác giả File Lượt xem Mục
1/2010 Korea's ten major trends in 2010 Lee Dong-Hun 294 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 Causes of sluggish facilities investment: fosus on structural factors Lee Chan-Young 249 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 Seven major issues for global corporate management in 2010 Shin Hyung-Won 239 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 Background to recent exchange rate volatility and prospects Jeong Young-Sik 236 Bài tạp chí
17/2010 Lessons from global companies' M&As Kim Sung-Pyo 307 Bài tạp chí
17/2010 Assessing the introduction of the cost of fund index (COFIX) and policy suggestions Jeon Hyo-Chan 209 Bài tạp chí
21/2010 Southeast Asia's economic recovery and implaications for the Korean economy Park Bun-Soon 290 Bài tạp chí
33/2010 Coping with climate change: Green living Kang Hee-Chan 295 Bài tạp chí
33/2010 Conflicting views on future economic conditions 206 Bài tạp chí
33/2010 Shrinking global food supply threatens Korean economy Kim Hwa-Nyeon 208 Bài tạp chí
33/2010 Obstacles facing Korea's working mothers Ye Ji-Eun 336 Bài tạp chí
33/2010 Strong Yen and its implication on the Korean economy Jeong Young-Sik 221 Bài tạp chí
45/2010 Korea's terms of trade improve in the third quarter of 2010 320 Bài tạp chí
15/2010 Korea's higher vulnerability in foreign exchange compared to stocks Jung Dae-Sun 243 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 Jongga ancestral rituals and food culture Lee Yeun ja 467 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 A Tour of Korea's Jongga Museum Charles La Shure 666 Bài tạp chí
1/2010 Concerted efforts to implement creative city projects Lee Sun - chut 549 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 The Korean war's far - reaching consequences Han Kyung - Koo 633 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Wartime trauma etched deeply in the Korean heart Hahn Myung - hee 455 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Korea's phenomenal post - war development Park Tae - gyun 606 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Reflecting on the Korean war through literature Kim Chi - su 449 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Korea's standing in the global community Lee Tae - Joo 708 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Jo Chung - ik's traditional fans functional works of art Park Hyun Sook 564 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Five scenic islands in the yellow sea await unification Kim Hyungyoon 456 Bài tạp chí
2/2010 Cold noodle dish to counter the summer swelter Lee Jong - Im 455 Bài tạp chí