Số Tiêu đề Tác giả File Lượt xem Mục
43/2003 The Rule of Law and the Rule of Virtue: On the Necessity for Their Mutual Integration Kang Jung In 680 Bài tạp chí
43/2003 Treaties, Extraterritorial Rights, and American Protestant Missions in Late Joseon Korea Ryu Dae Young 600 Bài tạp chí
43/2003 Korean Culture Seen through Westerners' Eyes Hahm Hanhee 803 Bài tạp chí
43/2003 The Anthropology of the Discourse on the Koreanness of Koreans Han Kyung-koo 679 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Multifunctional Juche: A Study of the Changing Dynamic between Juche and the State Constitution in North Korea Christopher Hale 620 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 The March First Movement: With Special Reference to its External Implications and Reactions of the United States Ku Daeyeol 679 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Sacrifices Caused by State Violence under Military Authoritarianism and the Dynamics of Settling the Past during the Democratic Transition Cho Hee-Yeon 687 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Finding the Truth on the Suspicious Deaths under South Korea's Military Dictatorship Hong Seuk-ryule 793 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 The Significance of Settling the Past of the December 12 Coup and the May 18 Gwangju Uprising Ahn Jong-cheol 669 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Attempts to Settle the Past during the April Popular Struggle Jung Byung-joon 686 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Problems in Historical Clarification of the Korean War Kim Dong Choon 686 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 Refracted Modernity and the Issue of Pro-Japanese Collaborators in Korea Chung Youn-tae 643 Bài tạp chí
42/2002 The Significance of Settling the Past in Modern Korean History Ahn Byung-ook 620 Bài tạp chí
40/2000 Count Péter Vay, Bishop (1863-1948) - An Forgotten Hungarian Traveller in and about Korea at the Beginning of the 20th Century Karoly Fendler 578 Bài tạp chí
40/2000 Chongmyo Kim Dong-Uk 652 Bài tạp chí
40/2000 A Study of 16th-century Western Books on Korea: The Birth of an Image Cheong Sung-hwa, Lee Kihan 592 Bài tạp chí
40/2000 Historical Development of Civil Social Movements in Korea: Trajectories and Issues Lim Hy-Sop 624 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 The Influence of Social Stratification on the Deification of Historical Figures and the Creation of Ritual Tradition Lee Ki-Tae 597 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 White Porcelain Production Techniques in the Late Choson Dynasty Bang Byungsun 574 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 The Transmission of Christianity and Reception of Western Philosophy in Korea Kang Don-ku 610 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 The Development of Phenomenology in Korea Lee Nam-In 609 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 Marxism in Korea: From the Japanese Colonia Era to the 1950s Kim Jae-hyun 589 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 The reception and development of German Idealism in Korea Paek Chong-Hyon 576 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 Anglo-American Philosophy in Korea (1980-1995) Kim Young-Jung 592 Bài tạp chí
39/1999 The development of study of Ancient Greek Philosophy in Korea Yang Moon-Heum 585 Bài tạp chí