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3/2004 Consolidating Women's Rights in South Korea: The Role of Women's Movements in the Democratization Seung - kyung Kim 1350
2/1995 A search for Korean Uniqueness James B.Palais 661
4/2004 Legislation Proposed by Lawmarkets Shoult Be Carefully Reviewed Kang Eung Seon 910
2/2007 The Eminent Koryo Monk: Stele Inscriptions as Sources for the Lives and Careers of Koryo Monks Sem Vermeersch 1003
4/2007 Imaginary Image: Disseminating Korean Cultural Ideals Ruth Scheidhauer 957
2/2007 Ancient Literacy: Comparison and Periodization Kiho Song 865
4/2004 Japan's Policy for an Esat Asian FTA and Korea's Response Jung Sung Chun 1498
2/2007 A Clash of Empires in East Asia: The Geneva Conference on Korea, 1954 Haruka Matsuda 1036
6/2004 Urgent Need to Bolster the Economy's Growth Potential Lee Jong - Wha 1252
6/2004 'Wave of Higher Education Reform' Sweeps the World Park Sung Joo 880
6/2004 Direction and Principles of University Reform Park Se - il 909
3/2004 Seoul's Silence on North Korea's Human Rights Situation Park Soo - gil 956
3/2004 New Direction for Seoul's Policy toward North Korea Shin Jiho 1325
3/2004 Apprehension over 'Progressive Naitonal Security Policy' Song Moon Hong 1140
3/2004 National Ideology and identity of Political Parties Nam Duck - Woo 597
1/2006 Managing the "foreign" and "domestic": Kilsoo Haan, Korean Diasporic Nationalism and the U.S Liberal state, 1931-1945 Richard Kim 964
1/2006 Yi Hun-gu's agricultural reform theory and nationalist economic thought Pang Kie-Chung 1109
3/2004 Political Parties Need to Clarify Their Ideology and Policy Views Cho Dong - keun 933
3/2004 "Country Bumpkins of the 21 st Century" Han Myung Kyu 689
3/2004 Proposal for Real-name Policy Initiatives Rhee Changyong 928
3/2004 Concerted Efforts Needed to Overcome Youth Unemployment Kim Choongsoo 622
1/2006 Performative ethnicities: Culture and Class in 1930 Colonial Korea Jin-kyung Lee 847
1/2006 The literary works of Kim Nam-chon: "Overcoming the modern," Waste, and Venice Kim Chul 798
2/2003 Dealing with the threat of a Korean crisis Masao Okonogi 635
2/2003 U.S. forces in Korea and development of ROK air force Kang Sung-Hack 600